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Kindergarten Readiness!

No more naps?! 

There are a lot of myths out there but summer learning loss is NOT one of them!

"Summer learning loss in the elementary school years alone accounts for at least half of the ninth grade reading achievement gap.  

High-quality summer learning programs have been shown to also improve school attachment, motivation, and relationships with adults and peers."

(Boss and Railsback, 2002; McLaughlin and Pitcock 2009; Beckett, 2008)


"Secret Sauce" to my successful Summer Learning Camp!

Variety of Activities

I believe it's essential to build a strong foundation at this age.  By working together in small groups, I'll help your child with peer interactions, developing or strengthening fine motor skills, and more!  New concepts are presented in a way that is challenging but not frustrating.  In addition, I create a safe space where your scholar can ask questions without feeling intimidated by what they may not know yet, and are still learning.

Early Exposure To The Content

Exposing your child to subject matter they will need to know for the upcoming  school year is like giving them the 'cheat code' to unlock a bonus level in a game!  Seriously,  exposing the content to them early not only helps build their confidence, but  it also gives them a head start on the material they'll need to know!

I Offer More Than Just Coloring Pages & Tracing

While workbooks can be a great resource, many of them (even some of the top rated ones) are not reusable!  Or you have to take time from your already busy schedule to copy the pages, or laminate them, etc! This also can lead to them not getting the variety needed to keep them engaged.

I have personally helped over a hundred students get ahead over the summer without them feeling intimidated.

Real client reviews:

I really appreciate you thanks for all you do and the time you set aside to make them better!


Lee's Tutoring is the best that I've come across.  My son got close with her and overall I started seeing improvement in areas he was struggling in.....If you're looking for a good person to help your child improve and go to the next level, I highly recommend!


Kindergarten Champions Camp Will Be On Thursdays, Beginning June 9th!*

*June Math Champions Camp


Foundations & Skill Building

3pm-5pm EST

July ELA Camp

Reading Foundations & Skill Building

3-5pm EST

Both Sessions

Full Summer Learning Program

3pm-5pm EST

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